Day Habilitation

ADiCares is an affiliate of the CLC Group. ADiCares provides the overall management of the Day Habilitation programs. These programs service the Developmentally Disabled.

Day habilitation Programs are available to any person over the age of 21 who is currently enrolled in the Home and Community Based Waiver.

Our two programs are Without Walls programs made up of community – based experiences that focus on the participants interests.

Adult Day Programs offer a place for participants to come and experience a variety of activities each weekday. These programs strive to enhance their quality of life and provide them with a therapeutic milieu. Both of the Day Habilitation providers are currently enjoying daily activities through zoom.

Virtual technology has made it possible during the last year for all of the participants to attend program. It has been fun with many of the topics that they have provided. There is a “The Happy Chat” which the participants via zoom have met and interviewed the Mayor of Windsor and his wife. They also met and interviewed Temple Grandin.

Additional classes where Zoom Television, a Virtual Band, LIT TV, Sports Talk , travel TV, Yoga and more.

Participants where also able to lean virtual social skills and how to use technology as an alternate communication tool. They learned healthy lifestyle including cooking classes, gardening, as well as light exercise and music.

The horse and human relationship can act a way in which people interact with one another. Participants will learn horsemanship skills such as how to ride and care for a horse.
These can be very beneficial for the person in terms of cognition, socialization, and emotional well being. Participants can learn about horticulture through planting, nurturing, and harvesting.

ADiCares also provides the required documentation for the Day Programs.

If you would like to hear more about each provider please go to their website provided below.


Community Connections Life

Community connections is located in Westchester county NY provides a vast array of different programming.

Community Connections Life is an integrative program that enhances lifestyles by connecting through shared support groups.

Their community teams will stimulate learning, enliven the arts and cultivate the joy of cooking, travel, music, nature and mindfulness.

Winslow Farm

Winslow farm is located on 100 acres in Warwick NY. It offers therapeutic riding, interacting with farm animals, planting vegetables/fruits, music, and cooking.

The program incorporates social, psychological, physical, and educational benefits. This can be done through improving balance, coordination, self- confidence , social skills and many more.

Clients are able to go out into the community and participate in a variety of activities.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

to view our Covid-19 safety plan please click the link below to download